Heartwarming Story of Rescued Dogs


Recently, the San Francisco SPCA found a Korean Meat farm where dogs were being housed in deplorable conditions.

They were housed in iron cages, without any cover to protect them from harsh weather conditions. They were piled into these cages beyond their comfort and fed simply to keep them alive long enough to kill.

The dogs lived their whole lives in these cages. From the time they were puppies until they met their horrible fate, they did not feel the grass under their paws and had no loving contact with anyone.

With the help of the San Francisco SPCA, 64 dogs were rescued and transported to the States where they had soft beds and people who loved them for the first time.

Their transformation from scared, helpless creatures, to lovable, adorable dogs is truly inspiring. The work down by the SPCA is helping thousands of dogs just like these escape their abusive situations.

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