The Perfect Playground Slides for Your Chicks: Dog and Cat


Many dog lovers do not watch videos about cats, and many cat lovers do not watch videos about dogs. Bird lovers? They are a rather tricky bunch. It does not matter what kind of lover you are; you will watch a video about all three animals–not fighting and killing each other, but quite the opposite.
Featured in this video, a Pitbull dog and a Siamese cat are standing or sitting still. The goal is to let chicks stand and/or eat on their back. Whatever the chicks are eating, all three parties are greatly enjoying it. When the chicks are off their back, the cat is watchful, and the dog greatly enjoys licking the chicks. The dog sits in an upright position at one point, and the chick slides right off its back. Perhaps dogs and cats can make perfect playground slides and plucking toys for the chicks. Perhaps one could say “their” chicks.

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