A Puppy’s Power and Determination Stuns A Huge Rottweiler, Watch.


We all love to win even when the odds are against us. There is always a voice inside us that encourages us to try and put in everything we got to win. Sometimes we win, but most of the times we lose. It is, however, the wins that put a smile on our faces, and we treasure those wins forever. The same thing applies even to animals. In the video below, we see a Rottweiler puppy and a fully grown Rottweiler having a tug of war. The outcome is just amusing.

Even though the grownup dog is much stronger than the puppy, it still does not want to win unfairly. So it waits for the puppy to get hold of the rag before its starts pulling away. The puppy does try to put all the strength it can gather into the struggle, but the sheer might of the huge Rottweiler overwhelms it. Finally, the game ends with the puppy chasing after the big dog, trying to grab the rag again. Watch this incredible fighting spirit in an animal that is considered man’s best friend. Kindly share this video with family and friends.