Real Life “Fox and Hound” Story Is Amazing!


When the last time you saw a dog and a fox playing together? An animal like a fox doesn’t necessarily make friends with a large dog, much less two, but in this video, you can see a real-life “Fox and the Hound” experience, as dogs Molly and Jaba befriend one of the many abandoned fox cubs they are helping their owners to raise.
In this adorable video, you can see the fox cub and the hound – or dog – playing together in the grass. They chase each other, play hide and seek, and just generally have a great time rolling around in the grass, pawing each other and relaxing in the sun. It’s so cute to see such furry creatures getting along, and it proves that not all conflict between animals is inbred; sometimes it’s the way an animal is nurtured that makes it who it is. In fact, the two dogs not only take this fox and his siblings under their wing, but apparently they do it with other animals, too… including a fawn, hedgehogs, owls and,badgers, too.
This is definitely a feel-good video that will make you smile. At few times, the dog has the fox’s whole head in its mouth, and the fox is just lying there completely calm… as if nothing could happen to him. This is one video you have to see for yourself!