Stray dog rescued from eating trash


Getting a report that an animal is living off the trash in the streets is not easy to hear. But when you rescue stray animals to get them the help and a home they deserve it is more common than you think. This video was taken of a dog rescue in Harrisburg PA. The video is long, over seven minutes and seems to be elongated to show only a partial screen of the site. This could be because it was a dash camera or was taken from a phone while inside the car and the wide angle would have pictured too much of the inside of the car.

They appear to be following a lady who is following what looks like a pit bull. This poor animal at first glance appears to be ok, but happens to be living off the trash piles that line the street. There is a lot of trash so it could be easy pickings for the dog, even though it means making a bigger mess for everyone else.

The lady follows the dog for a distance, trying to gain its trust as well as get its attention. It takes a little while but eventually she sits on the street so the dog can come to her. He or she does and can get petted, and it looks like the lady is feeding the dog some proper food, although at the distance it is hard to tell.