Pitbull puppy is determined to succeed


All dogs love exercise but when they are young some of them aren’t exactly sure what they are supposed to do…especially when faced with an exercise machine! We don’t suggest you try this at home but it is hilarious to see how this little pup reacts to the home gym system.

He seems really interested in the machine and just keeps on going back for more, even when he knows that he can’t really keep up. In the end he turns to one paw as being enough to get his exercise and then looks longingly at the machine as if with massive jealousy that he cannot be like the big dog and ace the machine. This will come in time my little buddy! You just need to grow and become big and strong! Of course, he doesn’t know this yet. Anyway, have a watch. It’s funny and will sure make you want this little puppy to take home with you!