A Cat Almost Bites A Duckling On The Neck As It Tries To Rescue It, Watch.


Sometimes an animal can display an extraordinary amount of love that puts many humans to shame. We have heard of many stories or animals adopting animals that should be their prey. Such stories may sound far-fetched until you experience them first hand. In the video below, you will see a cat do something close to that. A cat adopts three ducklings and takes care of them just the same way she does her kittens. Sometimes she even goes out of her way to do it.

As the ducklings grown and become more independent, you can see the maternal instincts kicking in. It does not want to give up caring for them without a fight. It still wants to keep them warm as soon as it starts warming up the kittens in the evening. Of course, it gives up after several failed attempts at getting them to come over. The most interesting moment is when it gets one of them into nest after it jumps out of the litter box. Please share this amazing animal video with family and friends.