A Christmas Lullaby Puts Dog to Rest


This dog knows how to take in a lullaby lying down. His owner, Rachel Smith, asks him if he is ready to go to sleep. She asks him a few times and the dog seems very alert and attentive.

So, as the dog is curled up on the couch by the lit Christmas tree, Rachel begins to sing soft carols to her little animal. The dog seems alert for all of one line of the song, then bows his head down and closes his eyes. This seems to be a routine for the dog, or else he just knows when it is time to wind down for the day.

The video is not very long, but long enough to show how obedient a dog can be when his owner wants him to go to bed. Her soft voice is obviously something the dog loves more than anything, which is the reason he savours the short tune and gets right down to sleep time.