A Dog Easily Takes on Yoga, Like a Pro


If somebody ever told you that dogs can easily do yoga at any time of day, would you believe it? If you wouldn’t, then you have to watch this video, which has been watched by more than four million individuals, right now.
This video showcases a woman and a medium sized dog. She is sitting down on the floor, next to the dog. She is conducting a yoga pose, trying to put her leg behind her head. Even though the lady is not able to do so, her dog is able to put his leg behind his head, without any issue whatsoever.
It appears that the dog has been doing yoga for quite some time now, because as soon as his owner instructs him that is time to do yoga, he becomes still and pays attention to the yoga pose that his owner is making.
This video is a must watch. Go ahead and watch it. We invite you to tell your Twitter and Facebook friends about it so that they can take a peek and rate it, too.

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