A Microchip Reunited a Dog and His Owner After 2 Years


Losing your animal is devastating, leading to people wondering for years after what happened to their pet. When a dog becomes lost, most of the time they aren’t reunited with their owners. Having a pet microchipped can make it easier to recover them, and that’s exactly what happened with one lucky dog. However, he and his owner weren’t reunited right away. You won’t believe the amazing way that they got back together.

After a Florida woman lost her animal she was hurt and didn’t think she’d ever see him again. After running ads weekly, she still didn’t find her dog, Zeus. Miraculously, he was reunited with her almost two years after being lost. A nonprofit animal rescue organization found him, and they identified who Zeus was thanks to his microchip. Of course, the dog and the woman were overjoyed to be a family once again. If you want to see just how beneficial microchip technology can be for animals, check out this wonderful story.