A Seven-Year-Old Came Too Close To A Rattlesnake… But Her Dog Saved Her Life


This video shares a touching story of a seven-year-old girl and her loving dog. The dog saved her life one day, when a rattlesnake came too close to her, and he suffered from snake bites because of that. The dog was able to go to a pet hospital to be cared for, but the bill became very high for his care. And that is where a Go Fund Me page was able to come in and save the day.
This little girl is best friends with her dog. They go everywhere together. He cares for her as much as she does him, and that is evidenced by the fact that he stepped in and saved her like he did. He wanted to make sure that she was okay, so he went into harm’s way to do that. This dog is one special animal, and the girl was blessed to have him there for her.

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