Adorable Dog Makes the Rules in Her New Home


Dog’s wild ancestors were used to having to fight for food. Although with domestication, this behavior is no longer necessary. We people gladly care for our furry friends, feeding them to their heart’s content. It seems, though, the instinct to fight to get what you want is still there.
This cute pup was recently adopted bythe Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) team, but it’s clear who’s in charge in this household. This cute and fluffy girl has the run of the house with her nice new family. And who wouldn’t want to take orders from a face that adorable?
This dog makes a humble request to her new owners for a delicious treat. When the polite approach does not get her all that she wants, she resorts to more aggressive tactics. The boy’s next move will crack you up!

All I can say is, that must have been some really good chicken!

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