Adorable Dog Tries to Come Inside But Cat Won’t Let Him


Most large dogs are not afraid of cats, but this big puppy is! When thisDog Tries To Come Inside, a furry feline is blocking his path and refuses to let him come inside the door. As the poor dog continues to whine and whine, the cat makes no concession to his wishes and will not move to let him pass.

This cute video will bring a smile to your face as you realize this big dog is truly terrified by his cat counterpart. Although he could easily knock the cat out of the way, he has most likely come into contact with those menacing claws in the past and figures this is not such a good idea. When thisDog Tries To Come Inside, it produces one of the most adorable moments ever! This is one of those videos you will want to watch over and over, never growing tired of how cute it is! Check it out for yourself and smile all day long.

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