An Abandoned Dog Turns Good Samaritan


Samaritan stories are always good stories, and it gets even better when that Samaritan is a dog. In particular, an abandoned dog leads a passer-by to 10 young puppies and their mother. He does this through a persistent bark. His bark was unusual and sounded like from a dog in distress.
Moreover, the new puppies were also unwell and did not have anyone to care for them since their mother was incapable. The actions of this hero are what changed the course of these young one who would have otherwise died.
The family-mother and puppies- was eventually rescued by a woman from Dallas Dog RRR. It is the Samaritan hero dog that led the human to the sick puppies. Even the mother of the puppies was rescued in the process.
It took about 24 hours to move the family to the rescue home. Initially, only nine puppies were rescued, while one was unfortunately left behind and had to be rescued the next day. Still, it was a miracle to find this puppy alive and well.
You can help the rescue mission through donating to this charitable cause.

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