An Animal Video That Truly Does Touch The Heart And Funny Bone For Sure!


What is great about this little video is everything. First of all, it will definitely change the perception that many do have about the NYPD, in a major way for sure. Secondly, it does show the power that one animal can have over the other, as far as being playful and full of fun can go. The little dog, whose name is Frenchie, is going all out to get the big police horse to play with it. The little dog is jumping all about in pure excitement. The horse seems interested in all the right ways. However, the little dog is a big impatient, and wants the horse to jump about and be more playful like it is. The little dog and the horse do seem to be good animal friends. A fact that does make the video all the more touching to the heart and tickling to the funny bone for sure.

The dog is adorable beyond adorable for sure. The police horse is a bit more sedate than the dog is. It also isn’t as bouncy as the little dog. Nevertheless, the police horse is every inch, the gentle giant when it comes to the playful and cute little doggie. This is truly an animal friendship in the works or already an established sort of playful encounter between the two whenever they do meet on the street. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter what it is, it is something that is wonderful to see. Because, to be honest, animals can come together in such a way that it almost makes you think they are more human than we are. They just seem to drop their guard and let all the fun hang out. Frenchie, the little dog is a little doggie cutie, and wonder in that he or she does seem comfortable playing with horses and that is a good thing from an animal friendship aspect.