Angels Come to Save Java and Her Nine Pups!


I can’t imagine how anybody could do this to an animal, much less one who is pregnant. But, Java is a beautiful boxer who was left in the backyard of the home they were moving out of. Yes, she was totally alone, abandoned by the family she probably thought loved her, and she was pregnant to boot.
Kristen was the first angel, as were, Nob Hill Animal Clinic, Florida Boxer Rescue, and Stacey, as well as Laura 1 and Laura 2. Stacey said that Java waited until she was rescued to deliver her babies so that she knew they would be safe. Both of her eyes were infected when they rescued her and had to be treated by caring vets.
At that point, however, the problem was that the facility was full and they didn’t have a foster home for Java. Rescuers knew that she could not stand another night of abandonment, but thankfully she didn’t have to. The Nob Hill Animal Clinic took her in and, at the clinic, another angel named Danielle smiles and says that Java is doing well andso are her nine pups. She even lets them handle the babies and help her out with taking care of so many. Java is a really good mother. It’s beautiful how well she is doing and how she cares for her babies.
Laura and Laura are taking Java and her pups to a farm where they can all live together for the rest of their happy dog lives. Thanks to the teamwork of these caring people, an entire family was saved!