The Animal Therapy


There is something about being a part of nature that makes even the most wounded veteran feel different, making them feel they are part of something greater than themselves. A wolves program at a back nature setting gives someone who has been through a severe trauma a chance to heal. This facility at Lockwood valley has 40 animal of which they include rescued wolves off a chain being used as a roadside attraction wolf dogs from a backyard breeder in Santiago. Whether the veterans are from a support group or whether they are working at the organization, it is ensured that if the animals can heal, then anyone else can heal. The wolves are usually injured and the fact that they have a trauma and a veteran also has a trauma gives a sense of connection. One animal picks up one veteran with PSTD and the animal never again picks or shows affection to any other veteran. This therapy, however, does not work for all veterans and some still find themselves getting angry and drinking alcohol. The intention of this therapy is based on the fact that presence of animal companions helps the veterans to be calm and confident, adding a deeper meaning when they accept each other as family.

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