Baby Giraffe Rescued at Just One Week Old, Befriends Baby Elephants


Nature has a way of balancing out, but sometimes that natural order means that humans have to step in and rescue wild animals – even if we’d rather leave them in their natural habitat. Such was the case when this male baby giraffe was rescued at just one week old.
Rescued by KWS rangers on the Meru National Park boundary September 19th, this baby giraffe almost didn’t make it after his mother was nowhere to be found, but the veterinary team from the Nairobi nursery was on their way within one hour of being notified, and great care was taken to ensure the newborn giraffe’s head remained upright during transport to maintain his health and survival. It’s quite funny when you watch this video, how this giraffe is literally as tall as the human Keepers taking care of him, but he definitely shows signs of being an innocent life in need of caring and love.
Not once during his time did he attempt to escape, and once settled in at the nursery, he even made some friends: two baby elephants who love to snuggle up to him under his belly, and a few large feathered friends as well.
This beautiful young creature was eventually named KIKO, and although his mother was never found, it was clear by KIKO’s location that she might never be. Conflict between humans and wildlife continues to exist there, and as long as people are willing, innocent animals like this baby giraffe will continue to be rescued and taken care of. Watch the video and see just how touching it truly is.

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