Bald Eagle Invasion


In some areas, one can’t even find a single Bald Eagle. Many dream of simply seeing one. They’re rather mystical creatures. More literally, they’re birds of prey. Big, strong with claws and they eat smaller prey like birds and mice. Among the top predatory birds in terms of size and power. In some areas however, they’re so numerous that they might be a tad less appreciated.

On a boat in this video, people are surrounded by dozens upon dozens of this bird. A guy decides to feed them, and starts throwing food on the ground. Eagles fight each other for this limited resource and some seem to not be able to get their share. The guy seems considerate enough to change where he throws the food to target different eagles. The camera then shifts to the numerous eagles that watch over the people on the boat. Some are on the railings, some on the poles, pretty much everywhere. Doesn’t that remind you of seagulls?