Big Dog Who Loves Water Turns into Adorable, Clingy Baby as He’s Encouraged to Swim


Anyone who owns a big dog knows that they aren’t always as scary and intimidating as they’re made out to be. In fact, some of the largest dogs are quite apprehensive about trying new things – especially when it comes to water. In this video, Sampson, a gorgeous English Mastiff clings solidly to his owner as he’s encouraged to take a swim.
While Sampson is being held gently by his owner in the swimming pool, this big bucket of love just doesn’t want to let go! Of course, there are some who will wonder why he has to swim, anyway, but for any dog owner who owns a pool, I can say with absolute certainty that you encourage them to embrace the water so they will always remain comfortable and safe in their own backyard. Plus, swimming is a great form of non-weight bearing exercise for dogs and it’s great for their arthritis when they get older.
But in this case, Sampson actually loves the water… he’s just not sure about the swimming part. “Come on Sampson,” they keep saying, and finally he lets go and makes his break for the steps. But, he doesn’t get out. He’s content to lounge their leisurely and take a big lick of the pool water. This dog is just so cute, you simply have to watch what a big baby he is and see him give his owner a big bear hug. Adorable!

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