Birds Of A Feather Play Together


If you have been looking for a short animal video that is absolutely adorable then your search is now over. Ducklings and herding puppies meet for the first time and have the cutest animal play date that you have ever seen. The puppies are minding their own business, playing in the yard, when a brood of ducklings stop by. The dogs try to herd the ducklings to no avail. Attempting to herd ducklings is tiring work, so the puppies decide to drink some water.
Being herded is also tiring so the ducklings decide to also take a drink from the puppies’ bowls. As you can well imagine this does not go over too well with the puppies. One of them barks, but it is too soft and cute to scare the ducklings away. However, the mother dog hears the bark and comes running. She even shows her puppies how to herd the ducklings. The puppies learn fast and begin to herd away the ducklings. The play date is over for now.

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