Black Cat and Barn Owl Play Together


Fum and Gerba, an unlikely couple, are an extremely playful cat and a beautiful barn owl that seems to tolerate the attention. Over the course of a couple years, the surprising, heart-warming friendship was captured on film. The mischievous black cat, Fum, is repeatedly shown sneaking up on Gerba, a female barn owl raised in a falconry, to entice the bird to play with him. Fum was raised in the countryside and always exhibited a friendly, feisty personality – to him, Gerba is just another potential friend and playmate. While the two are very obviously different, both in species, personality and even gender, the animals cultivated a bond over the years, becoming a symbol of love and a unique sign of peace for individuals looking for hope and happiness in the world. Sadly, in 2013, Fum passed away. We can only assume that his soul is still pouncing and leaping, igniting the world with joy. The world is a little bit of a better place just for Fum and Gerba’s friendship existing.

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