Boxer Dresses His Butt As “Butthead” for Halloween


Nothing beats a humorous dog video – am I right? This video is sure to make you laugh but will have you saying “awe” at the same time. If you are a dog person and you like humour, this is the video for you, as it features a dog that is sure to make you laugh.

In the East Village of Tompkins Square, at the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade, a dog shows off his clever costume, and it is a crowd pleaser. The Boxer’s costume for the 2012 year is “Butthead”. Although the dog had no say over the costume, it seems the dog is quite happy, as it wags its tail throughout the entire video.

You may be wondering how a dog could be dressed as “Butthead”, but you will see once you watch the video. The Boxer’s owner cleverly dressed the Boxer’s behind in order the make the costume a slight pun. In order the create “Butthead”, the owner dressed up the dog’s behind because, with the right tools and materials, it looks like a face. The dog’s behind is dressed with a black and curly wig. Aside from the wig, the Boxer’s behind is also decorated with two marble eyes and a pair of big sunglasses. The dog’s short and stubby tail acts as the Butthead’s nose, and the bottom of the dog’s behind looks like a mouth. When you put all of the parts together, this dog’s butt is a Halloween masterpiece – definitely a 5 star effort to this Boxer’s owner.

This Boxer is a people pleaser with his legendary Halloween costume, and the fact that his tail (nose) is waging makes the video much more comical. It is to no surprise that he stood out of the crowd!

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