This Brave Dog Is Determined to Save Her Pups From the Flood


There is nothing more powerful than the love a mother has for her children. Whether human or animal, that love never ends. This video proves the sheer power and determination of a mother’s love when it comes to protecting her precious children. When the flooding occurred in Chennai, this brave dog was determined her pups would not be harmed as she selflessly risked her own life to carry them to safety.

This amazing video will warm your heart as you watch the brave dog carry each of her little pups through the high waters and to safety. As this dog proves, there is no stopping a mother when she is focused on caring for her babies. With this beautiful video, you can clearly see the love and resolve this brave dog has as nothing stops her from her rescuing her pups and carrying them to a safe location so they are not overcome by the flood waters. This is one that will bring a tear to your eye!

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