Can a Paralysed Dog Left for Dead Walk Again?


This is the story about what can happen to a dog that has been abused and beaten and left for dead. Khan was thrown away on the roadside and had been injured so badly that he was paralysed.

Someone took note of the dog and brought him into a shelter for treatment. It took lots of medication and love. The animal could only at first wag its tail. But finally the dog seemed to be getting a lot better.

One day, Khan was able to walk again. He was wobbly but definitely in recovery. He must have had a lot of trauma from his injuries, but he also seemed to trust the vet clinic. When he was better, he became such a loving dog. On walks he would snuggle up to his companion and get on his hind legs to hug his friend.

This story shows the power of what love and good medical treatment can do for an animal.