Can you find the ball in a pile of leaves?


If you have ever grown up in place where you need to rake leaves, and your rake them in a pile just so you can jump into them, you will appreciate this video. Show in it, is a large pile of leaves, about the size of half a person or a small child. The leaves look inviting enough to jump into, and Stella the dog sure loves to do that.

While the video is short it does make you want to jump into a pile of leaves, so warning you now. This dog loves to jump into the leaves so much that she keeps doing it over and over again. She can even find her favorite ball if it happens to be in this pile. The best feature however is after the halfway portion of the video. The owners decided to place a portable camera onto the dog and let her run into the leaves. This gives you you an up close and personal look at what Stella sees every time she jumps into the pile. And the enthusiasm she has each time she does it is just fantastic. Stella even makes her human kid laugh with her antics of jumping into the pile as many times as she can.

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