Chained Dog Gets Freedom Run


Being released from chained captivity is a happy day for Biscuit, a gorgeous Siberian Husky, who gets to run free for the first time. Biscuit spent his whole life chained up, and now thanks to his new owner and surroundings, he gets the chance to run free in a 6 acre field.
He sprints, prances, and only stops to smell areas of interest. With his head held high, he no longer has to limit his movements for fear of being choked by a chain.
Many rescued dogs have lived their whole life on a chain, some in deplorable conditions without proper food, water or medical care. The good news is that many dogs like Biscuit get rehomed to areas where they can experience the fullness of life that includes running and playing without chained limits.
Dog breeds such as Huskies and Malamutes were meant to run, and proper exercise is important for good health in dogs.

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