Check Out This Chirping Puppy!


In the video you are about to watch, you will find a bulldog puppy and his mom. But this isn’t your ordinary dog video. You see, the bulldog puppy has a special talent, which not all dogs have. As you will hear this tiny little pup makes a chirping noise, which is so strange.

This really is a strange sound and you have to watch the video several times before really understanding it. It seems that this is the puppy’s way to communicating with his mother and she seems to understand what he is chirping about. She plays with the puppy and nudges it along, as the little animal chirps and chirps. I wonder where this pup learned to make these noises.

These adorable video is very fun to watch and will have you puzzled. So check out this amazing video, to hear this little dog making very strange and intriguing sounds.

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