Clark The Super Dog


If you enjoy animal videos about dogs performing cool tricks then you absolutely need to watch Clark The Super Dog. Some dogs have the ability to run super fast. Other dogs can jump super high and far. A few dogs even have super strength. Clark shows us something a little bit different. This cute canine has the gift of super focus. The video starts out with Clark balancing two treats on his snout. His owner then places four treats. Clark just sits there even as his owner teases him.
Before we know it Clark is balancing seven treats on his head and snout. As if that is not impressive enough the next clip shows Clark balancing a dozen pieces of beef on his head and snout. Then the ultimate in focus super powers occurs. Clark balances a combination of treats and beef on his head, snout, and even in his mouth. This dog stays in that position until his owner gives the command for him to partake in the tasty treats. Clark really is a super dog.

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