Corgi Overload


Many passersby, students and professors may walk their dogs or cats–any animal to be walked–around a university campus. After all, many students live in residences on campus and employees may buy a house around there. One would therefore usually see one or two dogs on a leash per walker, now and then while outside. However, sometimes there is a surplus of dogs of similar species going everywhere on campus–without a single leash. One such case is shown in this video filmed using GoPro.
At the Georgia Institute of Technology, six Corgi puppies are released to roam around the University. They can be seen running everywhere with other puppies or alone. They run away and towards the camera. They play with the camera and with rocks. They roll over and let people pet them, sleep next to people, sit obediently in a hat and much more. At the end of the day, each and every Corgi has his or her own glass-like container to sleep in, and does so peacefully.

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