Cows Make This Puppy Jump for Joy


Most breeds of dogs are quite friendly and playful, and they get along surprisingly well with a number of other species. Dogs who get to go to farms usually don’t hesitate to mix and mingle with the other animals hanging around, and that’s exactly what happened with one sprightlypup. After coming across a cow, she could hardly contain her excitement. Click here to see this adorable animal in action.

The puppy is walking on farmland with her owners when she spots a cow in the distance. She runs over to the animal, both curious and excited to find out more about it. Upon reaching the cow she jumps up and down, wags her tail, and couldn’t be happier. The cow doesn’t seem fazed by the puppy’s excitement and simply leans down to get a closer look at her. As the cow checks out the pup, she runs around it and eventually they come together and nearly nuzzle each others noses. If you love cute animals, you won’t want to miss this video.