A cute couple that warms your heart


Sometimes people bond with others that have had similar problems. The same can be said about animals, as can be shown in this heartwarming video. Here is a two minute video showing a little history between Iggy and Ruth. They are a black tabby that was paralyzed either at birth or from an accident nobody knows. The other is a Datsun that sits by Ruth’s side and plays with her, as well as protects her at all costs.

Both were abandoned animals that found each other and bonded together like no other animals ever had. This store has adopted the two of them and cares for them as if they were their own. With as many store personal as there are the two are always cared for and protected as well. While the cat is paralyzed at the bottom making it difficult to move around, she does still move by using her front paws. The Datsun plays with her and treats her normal, knowing that she can’t do certain things. He acts as a buffer between any other animals that come near the two of them, never allowing another dog to get too close.

The lady is the owner of the store and she tells the heartwarming story of these two pets with a special bond.

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