Cute Dog Says He’s Not Stupid, Just Confused


This video entitled “stupid dog does not realize there is no glass in the door” depicts a man who is letting his dog out, but the doorway has a storm door. This particular storm door, however, doesn’t have any glass in it. Unfortunately, the poor dog doesn’t realize it because he’s probably a creature of habit. He’s used to the door having glass in it, so he just naturally expects it to still have glass in it. At some point in the past, he may have accidentally walked into that glass and is actually smart because he’s making sure that it never happens again.

I really don’t think that the dog is stupid, just confused. Besides, the fact is that there are no stupid dogs, just stupid owners. He keeps opening the door and even walking through the storm door, but the poor dog is having trouble grasping the reality of the no-glass thing. But, that’s OK because as pretty as he is, he doesn’t have to be brilliant. Besides, he’s also very patient, as he waits obediently for his master to open the door.

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