Dog Abandonment is Disgrace to Humanity


When neighbors reported that three dogs were kicked outof a car along with a paltry bit of bread, Hope for Paws sprang into action. It was a hot day and the dogs, who were cruelly let down by humanity, had hid for shelter as best they could. One has to wonder how the former owner could have behaved in such an uncaring and thoughtless manner.With a bit of burger meat,some colorful gentle dog leads,and a lot of patience, the Hope for Paws corralled and thengently got the skittish and frightened Dee-Dee and Nessie on leads and then went on the hunt for sibling Charlie. Charliewas running loose, but luckily a kind neighbor let the other two dogs and volunteersin their house in hopes that Charlie would follow. When he arrived, the canine family was reunited under Hope for Paws’ protective care. They received the required medical treatment and rehabilitative care and then went to Shelter Hope Pet Shop for adoption.

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