Dog: Bus? Friend? Bag? Here I come!


It’s common knowledge that dogs tend to love seeing their owners, and that they get really excited. It may be less known for a dog to get as excited about an owner’s son coming home from school. In the video, the dog waits on the lawn from afar as a bus arrives. You can see how focused the dog is on the bus. At the word “go” by the owner, the dog jumps up and runs towards the bus.

It waits eagerly right in front of the bus door. Nope, not the first student. The second one? Yeah! The dog grabs his bag and starts running. He runs as well. At one point, the bag slips and the dog has to grab it again using its mouth. It’s a race between the son and the dog, and the dog probably lost. It drops the bag again, and ends up going in the house after the son. It drops the bag in front of the door and storms in.