The Dog is a Lap Dog? Large Great Dane Never Wants to Leave Owner’s Side


Walt and Judy from Granbury, Texas have owned this dog since he was a Mother’s Day gift 10 years ago – and although the dog is a huge Great Dane, he never seems to leave Judy’s side. In fact, he’s an indoor dog, and going by the name of “Walt,” Judy says he is a proud, pleasing dog who is the most gentle she’s ever experienced.
Every day Judy takes him on an hour long walk after her coffee. She takes him into town with her, she takes him to her friends’ homes, and she always allows him to join the party when they have guests. Walt is big and beautiful, that’s for sure, but as far as being away from Judy goes, that’s not going to happen. If he had his way, he’d be a lap dog, and you can see that all he wants is to be by his owner’s side.
Throughout the video you can see them walk through part of their daily routine, but the real kicker is watching him rest his rear-end on the bench with his owner. It’s just so cute and so adorable to see how much Judy loves her dog. You just have to see the special relationship that Judy and the dog have. She sheds a tear just talking about him, and this is something you won’t forget.

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