Dog- Lazy or Stubborn?


This funny lazy dog simply refuses to leave the park. It seems overly exhausted. The man’s initial attempts to make it move all prove futile.
He begins by hold its legs in upside down position. He dangles them around hoping that it would wake up and move to no success.
His second attempt is when he tries to poke its nose thinking that this would set it in position but still this does not bear fruit.
Thirdly, he resorts to the use of gestures but the dog remains relaxed as some bystanders get amused.
He uses a small sized stick to attract its attention. Nothing happens
He then decides to pick some objects from the park and throws them to his dog. But still this doesn’t work for him.
He pulls it forcefully using the neck strap. The stubborn dog is still adamant to move.
The man does not give up. He finally stands at a distance and pulls the dog with a neck strap. The dog stands and begins to follow him with its tongue out.
This dog is just stubborn and funny.

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