Dog Refuses to Leave Little Girl’s Side Till Help Arrives


It’s not often that a story about a child missing in the woods overnight has a happy ending, but that’s certainly the case here, and people are crediting a dog as the hero of this story. When little Victoria got lost in the woods behind her home her family dog Blue, an Australian Cattle Dog, refused to leave her side. The dog stayed with her overnight, likely keeping her warm when temperatures dropped. While her parents and rescue crews searched frantically for the little girl, Blue kept her safe until help arrived.
When the rescue crew located Victoria about a half a mile from her home near a ravine, they found her closely guarded by her four-legged companion. Although Blue was unsure of paramedics at first, she quickly seemed to realize that they were there to help the girl and allowed them to do their job and return her to safety. Victoria and her dog will likely have a lifetime bond that cannot be broken.

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