Dog Sleeps too Deeply for Cat


Wake up! Wakey wakey, dog. You should wake up! It’s late and I’m bored. Let’s play but you have to stop sleeping. Okay, let me brush your face, or touch your paw. How about pushing you a bit on the side. None of that works. You sleep like a pig! Oh well, let me lie down too. Okay, I’m down next to you now, and it feels good. Maybe I’ll rest a bit like you too.
Those were maybe the thoughts of the cat in the video as it tried to wake up the dog. The dog was sleeping too deeply to budge a single bit, and the cat was oh so patient in trying to wake it up. As all friends should do, if one cannot persuade another to do what one wants them to do, one should do the same thing as them. Go through good and bad times together, right? That’s what the cat did in the end as it laid next to its buddy.