Dogs and Veterans Give Each Other New Lease on Life


In twenty-one states, twenty-two war veterans take their own lives every day in America. About four thousand dogs are euthanized every day in America. Dog trainers, police officers and shelters are working with One Warrior One, an organization committed to lowering both statistics.

This video shows several dogs who have been rescued from euthanasia to be trained as companions for war veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Here, dogs from Georgia and Florida shelters are relocated for training.

Rich Brewer is the founder of One Warrior One. As a veteran himself, he understands how challenging life at home is for soldiers after war. In this video, he and two other trainers get to bring dogs to meet their new owners. The trainers and veterans had been in communication for some time in advance. This gives the veterans a chance to get to know their dogs before they welcome them into their family.