Dogs are not the only creatures to beg for food


Every domesticated animal has its own little niche. A cat has its own personality and tends to rule the house with a superiority complex, while the dog is man’s best friend, will beg for scraps and enjoys a good belly rub. A bird will sing for its supper and the fish…..well the fish just swims around its tank. This little pig however as similar characteristics of a dog in which it is sitting at the table with its owner and begging for food. They say pigs are just as smart as dogs, and if this one wants some food, then it knows what to do to get it.

The lady in the video is eating a salad and this little pig knows it. Sitting up practically on her shoulder the little pig keeps nodding its snout in the direction of the salad. Every now and then she puts a piece of it in the mouth of the pig who then munches on it quickly and resumes looking for more. At least the pig is looking for a healthy treat instead of something else. There is nothing else to the video except watching the lady feed the pig right out of her bowl, so enjoy watching the two of them eat.

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