Don’t pretend your dog is a service dog.


When a person has a disability or a condition that enables them to get a service animal it is hard to go places with that animal when so many others are doing it with fake information or gear. This video is of a news article that shows how easy it is to get fake gear so your dog can be labeled as a service dog. Why? All so people can take their pet into a store or restaurant without being questioned.

The newscaster buys a service dog vest on E-bay and fits it to her dog. She proceeds to go into several stores and restaurants without employees even bothering to ask her any questions. Yet it is against Federal and many State laws to take animals into stores or places where food is served, or baby items are sold. It’s illegal because of allergies to dogs can kill people, and children with allergies are more susceptible to these kinds of allergies. When questioned, many people didn’t know, or realize that they can question the service animal.

Unfortunately, due to privacy laws an animal that is designated as a service animal is hard to prove, since workers are only allowed to ask two questions. “Is this a trained service animal, and for what task is the animal trained to provide you?” Many people get confused on a trained service animal versus a therapy animal. A trained service dog undergoes actual training, many times with the owner they are paired with, and it takes years. A therapy animal has little to no training. Keep yourself and your pets honest and do the right thing.