Even Animals Have Wit


There are times when you want to keep animals off a certain area in the house, and you decide to put gates or a barrier on an entrance. That is what is in place in this video where the owner has blocked entry upstairs with a metallic safety gate.Nonetheless, this does not stop the dog from attempting to get through. Likewise, the gate is sealed tight when the animal tries to do this. He first surveys the barrier and strategizes on how to get past it.His first option is to go through the small hole at the bottom of the gate. He is not sure whether he will fit through but he tries anyway. The head and front body goes through without much struggle. He then tries to fit his back. It takes him some effort but he manages to squeeze his way through.He is one cheeky and cunning dog. No one would have imagined that he would cleverly get past the gate, but he does.Watch the video at: https://youtu.be/3wHslZmOoPc

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