Every animal needs a home of their own


It doesn’t matter what kind of animal you are, you deserve to have a loving home where you can be taken care of, and be loved at the same time. Finding homes for dogs is not always easy, especially once they are taken to the shelter. If a home is not found in time the dogs can often be put down, which is sad for everyone. If that dog happens to have special needs it can make it nearly impossible to find a home for.

Located in Kern County, these two dogs both have special needs where they are deaf and one of them is even blind in one eye. Sitting in the shelter for days they get the attention they need but it can be hard seeing people come in but nobody ever taking you home. Finally, a local resident sees the two of them and the way that they are bonded together and she knows that they can’t be separated. Already having a few dogs of her own she is hesitant at first to take them, but quickly changes her mind. After learning about their new family and getting to meet everyone, they are quickly engulfed in the fold of a new home. These dogs are sure to be loved and cared for by their new family.