Factor to Consider when a Baby Bunny is Taking a Bath


A baby bunny taking a bath is the cutest thing. They should groom themselves. When bunnies are taking a bath, leave them alone and do not interrupt. A rabbit should take a shower to clean the scent gland areas to avoid the bad smell. The bunny will be jumpy and grow if it is clean.You should always be around when he/she is in the bath tab to prevent suffocation. Here are some factors to consider when your baby bunny is taking a shower.• Use of soapYou should purchase a rabbit shampoo which is much safer than regular soap. Soap is not necessary because it can cause skin irritation if not thoroughly rinsed. Ensure that all the soap is off after the bath.• Use warm waterWarm water is needed when a baby bunny is taking a shower. Do not use cold water otherwise the bunny will shiver and go into a shock.• Dry it after the bathStar by wrapping the bunny with a large towel and get her as dry as possible. You can later use blow drier in a lower setting (not hot and not cold) until the fur is completely dry.

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