Fences for Fido


There are people that care in the world and they care that the animal in the yard deserves more than being on a chain. Many people chain their dogs to the yard our house, and this doesn’t allow them to run around free and get the exercise that they deserve. It can even be cruel to the animal if the chain or leash they are on is too short, not allowing them to get the much needed exercise that they deserve. If you love you dog you will want to watch this video and share it with your friends. If you chain up your dog you are going to want to watch this video in case you can’t afford to give you animal the attention it deserves.

This is a short video that shows many dogs on leashes and chains, tied to posts, fences and the house in order to keep them from running off. These homes don’t have a fence around the yard and the house might be too small or the animal a little too frisky to keep in the house when the owners are away. Fences for dogs are volunteers that go to these places and help to build a fence around the yard so the dogs can run around and play. Let your dog run free and give them a yard to play in.