Ferby doll scares husky


Everyone loves Serbian huskies as not only are they beautiful but are also known to be quite friendly to their owners. Most people who own huskies find them interestingly playful and this husky owner couldn’t get enough of it when the dog reacted to a ferby doll. Ferby dolls could get weird at times and this dog doesn’t seem to realize this. The husky’s reaction is however astonishing as it is kind of scared. You wouldn’t expect a dog to get scared of a mere doll keeping in mind that its main task is to protect its best friend from any lurking danger. This husky seems annoyed and frightened by the ferby doll’s behavior. You would think that the dog want to pounce on it but it retreats once it gets close as it sees the doll not reacting as the dog approaches. It ends up barking for no particular reason expecting the doll to get scared.

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