Finding a Way Back Home through a Dog after Prison


Matt did two years in prison for grand larceny and burglary, and got out of prison when he was 23 years old. He was released in Las Vegas and walked around the city, feeling alone.

As other people in the video stated, it is hard to interact with the world again when everything is new. There are so many things that change while people are in prison and it can be hard to feel normal again when they are back on the outside.

That’s why when Matt went to the animal shelter he wanted to take them all home. He recognized their loneliness. He was also going through a time of displacement as he was living out of a motel.

When Matt saw Jeanie he knew she would be the dog he would take home. He filled out the paperwork and then got a surprise call. His Dad wanted to meet up and take both him and Jeanie to come live at his house. Jeanie and Matt both got to go home that day.