First time meeting each other


You never know what is going to happen when you introduce a new puppy to your baby. Most of the time the dog is cuddly enough to just want attention and gives lots of kisses in the process. Sometimes the puppy might be a little hyper or aggressive and will scare the baby. Either way what happens is priceless and should be captured on video, no matter what the outcome might be.

In this short video you see a baby and dog meeting for the first time. Both are young, and both have a lot of learning to do. These two waste no time in getting to know each other right away though. The puppy is very affectionate and wants to give the baby a lot of attention with kisses and cuddles. The baby is a little confused and since the dog seems to be licking him, feels he needs to do the same thing. As you can see in the video his little tongue comes out and he gives the puppy the same style kiss he is getting in return. These two will grow up together and be the best of friends as they started out giving each other kisses.

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