We all love watching a baby play with new toys while discovering the amazing way different things work. Like the way the mixer makes a terribly loud noise or the way in which a ball can roll on and move forward when pushed.  Well it seems that babies aren’t the only curious little things; foals too have a childish and fun way of entertaining themselves and thereby entertaining us in the process. As captured in this video, a cute foal has managed to get hold of two massive balls tied together.  The foal is very amused with this new play thing in front of him and is inquisitive to try out all the possible ways in which he can play with it. He nudges it, bites it and even rolls over it. However this foal isn’t selfish and willingly offers to share this joy with the foal next to him. Since the other foal isn’t too amused with the ball, he continues rolling over and playing with it.